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Demetri Mihalakakos

Managing Director

Demetri is a software architect who is passionate about contributions to open source software. He has a deep interest and understanding of security software algorithms and animatronic robotics.

As a Managing Director and Senior Software Architect, Demetri has both developed and managed client projects in the US and in international markets. Because of his 10+ years of experience, Demetri oversees the ongoing software development for all major projects including UL, Alliance Bernstein, Miami World Center, and BrandOS. He also is responsible for streamlining and optimizing MBLM’s software development process.

Prior to joining MBLM, Demetri worked at ZUUL and FutureBrand, which provided the knowledge and skills needed to run MBLM’s Toronto office and technology lab.

Demetri has a degree in computer science and mathematics.