Apps & social platforms has an average Brand Intimacy Quotient of 18.8, well below the collective average among the 15 industries.

Ritual is the dominant category archetype. Facebook is the #1 ranking brand in the category, followed by Google Maps, Pinterest and Spotify. Facebook has the highest percentage of fusing users, at 3 percent, while Google Maps has the highest percentage of bonding customers (5 percent). Facebook is the top brand for men, most ages and most incomes. In terms of usage, 78.9 percent said they use Facebook daily. Women prefer Pinterest, and those earning $75,000-$99,999 yearly chose Google Maps as their top brand in the space.


Spotify is the stronger intimate brand when compared to Pandora. It has a higher Quotient score of 22.7, compared to Pandora’s 18.0. More of Spotify’s customers are intimate with the brand (25 percent compared to 17). In terms of archetypes, the brands are fairly close; Pandora is more linked to enhancement and nostalgia while Spotify is stronger with ritual (the category archetype), identity, fulfillment and indulgence. Interestingly, more Pandora customers are willing to pay 20 percent more for the brand’s products and services (7 percent compared to Spotify’s 4 percent).



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