Beverages has an industry average Brand Intimacy Quotient of 24.9, below the collective 15 industry average.

Indulgence is the dominant category archetype for beverages. The industry is below average for fusing, but performs at average levels for bonding and sharing. Coca-Cola, Miller and Pepsi are the three top beverage brands. Coca-Cola enjoys the highest levels of fusing, bonding and sharing in the category, at 4, 11 and 26 percent, respectively. It also ranks highest in indulgence, nostalgia and ritual. It is the #1 brand for both men and women, across all ages and all income levels. Among the top 10 brands, 3 are soda brands and 3 are beer brands.


Miller is currently the more intimate brand compared to Heineken. Its higher Quotient score reflects more intimate customers (27 percent versus Heineken’s 22 percent). It also has more customers in fusing (4 compared to 0 for Heineken) and bonding, while the brands are largely equal in terms of sharing. Miller is also stronger across all six archetypes, including indulgence, the category-dominant archetype. This suggests Heineken’s brand associations are less defined to its users. Additionally, 12 percent of Miller’s customers are willing to pay 20 percent more for its products, compared to 4 for Heineken. Lastly, Miller customers tend to use the product more; Miller performs much higher on the ritual archetype. Our study finds 12.2 percent of Miller customers use the product daily and 31.1 percent use it weekly. For Heineken, 8.6 percent of customers drink the product daily, and 25.2 percent weekly.



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