The media & entertainment industry has a Brand Intimacy Quotient of 43.4, significantly above the industry average of 28.7.

Three of the overall Top 10 brands-Disney (the #2 ranked brand), Netflix (#5) and Nintendo (#6)-are from this category, where indulgence is the dominant archetype. HBO improved its performance from our previous study as did YouTube. The category ranks highest with those under age 35 and those earning $75,000 a year or less. Nintendo is the top brand for men, while Disney ranks highest for women, millennials, and those 45-64 years old. This category also ranks high for being difficult to live without.


HBO is the stronger intimate brand compared to Hulu. With a Quotient score of 46.8 (certainly room to improve), compared to Hulu’s 26.6, HBO is building more connections with its customers. Forty percent of HBO customers are in some form of intimacy with the brand, while Hulu is intimate with 25 percent of its users. Additionally, HBO has significantly more fusing customers, 5 percent compared to 2 percent. HBO is also more dominant across all archetypes except enhancement and fulfillment. Lastly, more HBO customers are willing to pay 20 percent more for its products and services, compared to Hulu customers (10 percent versus 6 percent).



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