Travel has a Brand Intimacy Quotient of 14.7, significantly below the cross-industry average.

Fulfillment is the archetype most associated with this category. This industry continues to have challenges building intimate bonds with customers; however, Southwest Airlines ranked #1, with the highest percentage of intimate customers at 22 percent. It came out on top for both men and women across all income levels. JetBlue came in #2 overall, although first among those 45-64 years old.


Lufthansa and Air France could both improve their intimate brand performance. Lufthansa has only 13 percent of its customers in some form of Brand Intimacy, and Air France has 14 percent. Air France has the relatively stronger profile related to all archetypes, especially enhancement (making you better, smarter and more connected) and ritual (being ingrained in someone’s daily life). It also has nearly double the bonding customers of Lufthansa. Air France also has the highest percentage of customers (7 percent) willing to pay 20 percent more for its services.




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