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Nordic Nutrition Group

Boosting a Health Start-Up

Providing Strategic Advisory and Distinctive Design to Fuel Growth


When three seasoned entrepreneurs formed the Nordic Nutrition Group and were looking for a branding agency to help them bring their new company’s vision of improving people’s wellness to life, they approached MBLM for help. 

NNG had developed a strong product sourcing and production platform for their first product, an omega-3 oil, but were seeking strategic and creative branding advice and design to conceptualize the offering and refine the go-to-market strategy.

As NNG was already speaking with potential customers, time was of the essence.

MBLM partnered with NNG to quickly develop a strong brand essence for the offering, including naming, logo, packaging and visual style. The brand promise: “boosting your health the safe, ethical and eco-friendly way” was brought to life with “evoltr,” a distinctive, evocative name, accompanied by a minimalistic, modern design.

Once these elements were in place, we developed an engaging and educational ecosystem to share the company’s story and build trust in it and its products. We started with a visually simple, yet stunning, website that introduces NNG and evoltr.

We also created corporate and product brand materials, like a two-page flyer, a retail POS, business cards and a company presentation, to enable the newly formed company to tell a cohesive story about its endeavors and present a unified presence to its different audiences in different settings.


The distinctive modern aesthetic of evoltr has received a strong positive response amongst target customers and the brand is already on its way into new markets.

MBLM continues to partner with NNG to help set the brand up for growth across the health category, including strategic advisory, content and design in support of the company’s product expansion line, with offerings like a children’s omega-3 oil and co-branded offers with organic food chains.

Nordic Nutrition Group
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