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Transform the Way You Sell

Attention spans are dwindling, the competition is fierce and there is more noise in the market than ever before. In this environment, making the right first impression can be the difference between closing the deal or walking away empty handed.

Introducing PresentationOS

PresentationOS is a sales and presentation platform designed to empower sales teams to effectively engage with their audiences. Instantly access your entire arsenal of sales materials, craft the sales pitch for the individual and follow through immediately.


All Your Materials

Standing out from the competition has never been easier. All your materials, in a variety of supported formats, on any of your screens. Make them instantly accessible by touch controls, and present professionally.

  • Incredibly simple to populate, update, and use.
  • Supports images, videos, PowerPoints, and PDFs.
  • Infinite content customization options for interactive and touchscreen experiences.

Leverage Your Screens

Using a wireless iPad controller with a customizable interface, PresentationOS allows users to control the content displayed on one or multiple screens. With all your content pre-uploaded, you can immediately access the right information on any screen on your stand.

  • Control screens via iPad, or let visitors control them with their devices.
  • Manage multiple screens individually, or with the same controller.
  • Integrate the iPad controller with your architectural model lighting.

Craft Your Conversations

Seamlessly adapt the pitch to each individual audience, all from a single interface. Scrub through videos, flip instantly through the image gallery, skip through PDF thumbnails in the order that best answers their interests.

  • Modify your pitch to adapt to your customers’ needs.
  • Navigate instantly without breaking your customers’ experience.
  • Delve into details or stay high level: no load screens or changing applications.

Track Leads and Interests

Built in forms on the iPad controller let you capture visitor data in real time. Automatically send personalized emails with links to properties investors ask about, and use the built-in analytics to better understand customer interests.

  • Sync all leads to a unified database through a simple form.
  • Review visitor interests, and which slides, videos or images were most shown.
  • Track which members of the sales team captured which prospects.

A Tried, Tested and Proven Platform

PresentationOS has been leveraged by the region’s largest organizations to deliver results at trade shows, sales centers and corporate environments.

A Range of Solutions

Available in three plans to suit your business needs.

  Basic Premium Custom
  Your Content
ImagesUpload images in JPG, PNG or GIF formats through our online interface up to 10 days before your rental date, and we’ll populate them on the system. 20
VideosUpload videos in MP4 or MOV formats, encoded in H264, through our online interface up to 10 days before your rental date, and we’ll populate them on the system. 5
PPTX and PDFsUpload PPTX and PDF files through our online interface up to 10 days before your rental date, and PresentationOS will automatically convert them into our native format and populate them on the system. 5
  The System
Hardware RentalEvery PresentationOS installation includes a computer, iPad, and router on rental, yours to use for the duration of the exhibition. The computer houses all your content*; the iPad provides wireless control; the router ties the system together. *You must provide a screen, speakers (if necessary), and all associated cabling required to power those devices and connect to the computer’s video and audio output. Speakers must use standard 3.5mm mini audio-jack input. Your screen must support HDMI input at 1920x1080px resolution at 30Hz or greater. Custom screen sizes can be accommodated too - contact us to inquire.
Promo-screenShowcase offerings even when nobody is using the screens: choose any number of images, videos, PPTX files or PDFs from the library to be played in sequence as a screensaver.
First Time SetupWe’ll set it up for you. On the day before the exhibition, a member of our team will be on hand to coordinate with a designated member of your staff, connect the system, check that everything works perfectly and that all the presentations are ready to go.
On-Site SupportWe can provide support for the duration of your exhibition presence. This ensures that if you have specific content update needs during the course of the event or if you ever run into technical issues, we’ll be on hand to help. Some updates take effect immediately, while others may take longer.
On Brand iPad ControllerModify the colors and insert your brand on the iPad interface, making visitors’ experience personalized and custom.
Custom iPad InterfaceWe can create a fully customized interface that speaks to your brand and particular content needs, while maintaining all of the same functionality offered on the basic controller.
Multiple Screen Control*PresentationOS has the capability to connect any number of controllers to any number of screens*, to help you manage your stand. *Additional screens require additional computers configured with PresentationOS, which are charged separately. Additional iPad controllers can also be configured for a fee. Contact us to learn more.
Visitor Screen ControlAllow passersby to control your screens. Visitors scan a QR code on the screen and connect to it wirelessly with an iOS or Android device, without downloading an app. Using a simplified interface, they can swipe through and explore your offerings themselves.
Model Lighting Control*Connect individual buttons on your iPad controller to the lighting on your architectural model* to create a seamless experience between your digital content and your physical space. *Model lighting control requires coordination with your model builders, who must supply specific wiring configurations to connect with PresentationOS. Contact us for additional details.
  Visitor Information
Data Capture FormThe iPad controller allows salespeople to immediately capture a prospect’s name, email and contact information digitally. Sales members without the controller can connect to the same form via their mobile devices by accessing a URL, allowing for a unified database. Access the data at any time, or download it for future reference.
Autoresponse EmailThis web-based function connects to the data capture form on the iPad controller and automatically sends out a custom email when a new prospect is added to the database. The email directly addresses the prospect by name (captured in the form) and is signed off by the salesperson’s name(captured when the salesperson logs in to enter a prospect).
Download LinkCreate meaningful communications by sending visitors a link to download digital collateral. When inputting a prospect’s information on the iPad, select from any of the content you’ve uploaded to the PresentationOS system and our system will create a custom download link to be sent within the autoresponse email.
Visitor AnalyticsAnalyze the data collected on prospects via the data capture form. Find out what times of the day were most successful for sales. Discover which of your investment opportunities was most requested. Our analytics dashboard is accessible through this website after the exhibition, and all data can be downloaded and saved for later.
Agent AnalyticsSales agents can log into the data capture form on any iOS or Android mobile device through a URL. This lets them log prospect data with their own name, and can give you invaluable statistics on which agents captured which prospects. Prospects logged through the iPad controller will be recorded as captured by the sales floor.
  Custom Content
Custom Created RendersHaving worked with the some of the world’s most high profile real estate projects, our team have deep experience in directing CG Still Renderings and Animations for Real Estate projects. We have developed partnerships with professional CG development houses in Asia and North America that deliver the best-in-class work. If you’re missing that perfect detail or need to update your CG renderings, contact us to find out how we can help.
Custom CG AnimationsStill renders are just the start. If you want to go the extra mile to help your prospects visualize your project, transport them into the space using animated flythroughs. Contact us to see how we’ve helped other clients’ developments come to life.
Custom PresentationsLacking presentation decks for your latest developments? We can help you craft best in class custom presentations to ensure you have the materials needed to make your pitch. Contact us to set up a meeting and discover our capabilities.
Custom Interactive PagesWant content presentation that truly stands above the others? We can concept, design, and develop custom interactions and pages for your system. From interactive maps to real-time real estate listings data, we can incorporate a wide range of experiences into a custom page. Contact us to see a demo of the rich experiences that PresentationOS can enable.
Custom Project VideoA video is often the best way to communicate a project and its unique features. We can produce a full project video encompassing your development and its USPs, incorporating renders, live footage, music and voiceovers to create an immersive experience. Contact us to learn about our capabilities.
Custom DevicesPresentationOS is an adaptable platform that can be customized to run as an iPad application, touchscreen kiosk, and others. See our case study for an example of what’s possible, and contact us to find out more.
Price Per Exhibition USD 6,800+ USD 1,500 Deposit USD 12,300+ USD 1,500 Deposit Contact Us
  • Basic

    Our starter solution (rental basis) with all hardware, software, and features required to transform your sales.

    • One master iPad* controller
    • One computer to drive the screen(s)*
    • Upload up to 20 images, 5 presentations, 5 videos
    • Includes setup and installation
    • Capture customer data to a unified leads database
    • Screensavers based on your uploaded items
    • *Read conditions
  • Premium

    Our advanced solution (rental basis) with features for housing all your sales materials, deeper insights, and greater support.

    • All features from basic, with unlimited upload of materials
    • Customize your iPad controller to your brand
    • View full visitor and sales analytics
    • Share digital content from the iPad**
    • On-site support for the subscription duration
    • ** Requires internet connection
  • Custom

    A tailored solution with our most advanced platform functionality and custom content creation services.

    • Create custom content pages, videos, 3D renders and animations
    • Sync video and presentations with the architectural model lighting
    • Transfer the experience to touchscreens and apps
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