Win the heart of consumers

Consumer brands are under more pressure than ever.

Big data is overwhelming, digital integration is complex, social media is taxing and customers are playing a bigger role in controlling the push-pull dynamic. There’s good news amidst all the pressure and new marketing realities: a winning formula that presents enormous opportunity and it all begins with intimacy. Our Brand Intimacy Model focuses on building strong emotional bonds and impacting decision making and behavior in real ways. We’ve been perfecting this process for a decade, researching over 20,000 consumers, 156,000 brand evaluations and 20,000 stories. This winning formula gives you an edge: leveraging the science of emotions to build stronger bonds and stronger brands.

The result is a proven method where we apply Brand Intimacy through a three-step approach: Essence (architecting your brand for emotional impact), Story (establishing a compelling narrative), and Experience (delivering more personalized, memorable and crafted moments in more places and across more devices.) MBLM works with many businesses looking to keep their edge or seeking to rise aggressively. We’ve won W3, B2B Standards of Excellence and, Marcom Platinum and Gold awards on behalf of our industry-leading clients, demonstrating our approach and offerings have been developed to keep consumers connecting with brands in meaningful ways.

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