STUDY 2022

A bold step forward in evolving our study of intimate brands, our model is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and big data. With rankings for over 600 of the world’s leading brands, we’ve added more immediacy and context to each brand profile.

2022 Report

Review this year’s insights, top 10 most intimate brands, leading performers, breakout brands and industry overview.

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2022 Rankings

Explore the performance of intimate brands, showcasing key measures like archetypes, stages, and keywords along with the ability to view real-time and curated data.

2022 Rankings

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Watch our overview video explaining our latest study and how to find the content you need.

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Review the performance of 19 industries, including several new entries like gaming, crypto, beauty & sports leagues.

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Read our latest article highlighting evolving trends in media & entertainment, and in particular, the growing strength of YouTube.

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Explore details on how we conduct our research and how we calculate Quotient scores to rank brands.

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Learn about what Brand Intimacy is, how it works, what it’s based on, and why it matters.

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Order our Amazon best seller for a comprehensive overview of Brand Intimacy from theory to practice.

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