A set of red notebooks with a logo on them.


Articulating the business focus and vision


UL, a private company, decided to develop and share an annual summary of its business focus and vision. Each year, different strategic areas are chosen to focus on and develop. The annual report requires a high degree of coordination among the UL businesses, geographies and departments. MBLM developed all aspects of the work, from the concept stages to design, layouts, writing, photo shoots and print execution.


For the past two years, the UL Annual Report has been a showcase feature at UL Annual Meetings as well as a key tool for new business and stakeholder relations. Each year builds in momentum, with deeper engagement around the report, which is supported by an integrated digital campaign.

A red book with a red logo on it.
An open book with an image of a man in a suit.
A collage of people in business suits and hats.
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