Branding an Entity that Builds the Aviation Capital of the World

Creating a visually distinct brand for a key economic architect

  • The new DAEP brand was well received by stakeholders, with the launch event serving as the perfect platform to build stronger bonds with stakeholders.
  • Since its launch in 2013, DAEP has consistently championed the brand guidelines to guide its marketing and communication efforts resulting in a universally consistent brand.
  • MBLM and DAEP continue to engage post-launch and collaborate closely on managing website updates, website management, and server hosting.
Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects

Established in 1997, Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) is responsible for the master planning, construction, and development of aviation projects in the city of Dubai. However, despite playing an influential role in the city’s growth in becoming a major aviation hub, DAEP has kept a relatively low profile compared to its partners Emirates Airlines and Dubai Airports.

DAEP required a new brand that would visualize the change in the brand’s functions to stakeholders and boost its profile as a prominent government authority. MBLM had the opportunity to work in close collaboration with DAEP to build a new brand.

Through a series of interviews with senior-level executives, MBLM outlined a new brand strategy that embodied the organization’s essence and alludes to DAEP’s ability to set the standard, to conquer challenges and deliver beyond expectations. This strategy then served as the cornerstone for future marketing and communication efforts.

Wanting to be similar yet distinguished, and taking inspiration from identity designs employed by Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport, MBLM designed a unique identity deeply rooted in the brand’s mission to fulfill Dubai’s increasing aviation demand. The new identity distilled into a new design language that employed complementary color palettes, typography, and imagery that would visually define the DAEP brand. MBLM also conducted a four-day photo shoot in Dubai International Airport to develop an image library for future initiatives.

Recognizing the impact its suppliers, business partners, and employees have had in its growth, DAEP wanted to unveil the new brand to this stakeholder group before its public unveiling. MBLM supported DAEP in organizing a launch event and award ceremony for 200+ attendees and included everything from venue booking, organizing corporate gifts, hostess booking, and designing backdrops to be used during the event.

DAEP’s website served as the brand’s only marketing channel and was the prime source of information for all stakeholders. The existing website content was outdated, did not follow a user experience approach, and lacked purpose and functionality to meet audience expectation. We developed a new website with an updated UX/UI that allowed for multi-platform usage and wordsmithed client-focused content in both Arabic and English.

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