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Crafting an Innovative, Interactive Experience

The Transformation of the Borouge Innovation Centre


Borouge, a leading global provider of innovative, value-added plastic solutions, was looking to showcase the science and benefits of its plastics at its Innovation Centre in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Partnering with MBLM, Borouge sought to create memorable experiences for customers and industry professionals as well as to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists. Working in close collaboration with Borouge’s global network of senior management, researchers, and engineers, MBLM developed a compelling narrative and mapped an intimate customer journey for the Innovation Centre. To execute our solution, we engineered a combination of technologies and physical installations that optimally addressed Borouge’s challenges and provided an unparalleled experience for its wide range of audiences.

Utilizing a robust collection of content produced by MBLM, we created digital/physical mashups throughout the Innovation Centre that combined touchscreen kiosks, interactive games, 3D animations, videos, infographics, applications, models, and installations. Our implementation of an integrated physical and digital strategy allowed us to communicate in-depth scientific ideas in varying levels of complexity to connect effectively with Borouge’s diverse group of visitors.

In order to explain the science behind producing plastics, we developed an interactive game that allows visitors to design plastics on a molecular level. The game also allows players to choose from different processes used in plastics production and ultimately teaches players which molecular structures and reaction methods are used to make various kinds of plastic.

To showcase Borouge’s state-of-the-art research and testing laboratories, MBLM developed a self-guided tour application using location-aware technology. As visitors approach any of the sixteen laboratories with their location-aware iPads, the application displays information on the purpose of that lab, detailing the significance of the materials being tested and how the results affect the way Borouge designs its plastics. Videos made by MBLM also play on the iPad, allowing visitors to get a first-hand look at the tests that take place inside the laboratory.

In addition to the interactive pieces, we introduced a new design theme at the Innovation Centre, incorporating vibrant colors and a series of graphic elements derived from the molecular structures that make up Borouge plastics. The Innovation Centre’s new theme spans the interior and exterior of the building and not only consists of new colors, but also includes sculptures, light installations, wall graphics, signage, furniture, and original pieces of art.

By crafting an entirely new and unique environment and deploying a strong narrative through an extensive collection of interactive installations, MBLM transformed the Borouge Innovation Centre into an immersive, educational, and engaging experience.


With the completion of the Borouge Innovation Centre, Borouge is connecting with a wide range of audiences through powerful and memorable experiences. Establishing these important bonds is helping Borouge to foster greater intimacy with its customers, its industry, and the public.

In addition to being able to connect with its audiences, Borouge now uses the Innovation Centre as a tool to inspire future generations of engineers and showcase how it adds value to its plastics through researching and testing innovative plastic solutions. The transformed Innovation Centre acts as a vehicle of communication for Borouge to explain its business, demonstrate its dedication to continued progress, and establish itself as a beacon of innovation in the global field of polymer production.

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