Empresas Polar


Activating wellbeing for the Empresas Polar family


As the leading company in Venezuela, Empresas Polar developed a program that motivates its workers and families to maintain an active and balanced lifestyle through a series of interactive programs on three fronts: nutrition, physical activity and mindful balance.

By Alexandra Pulido de Mendoza’s side, MBLM developed a program called Familiactiva (Active Family) to guide employees in the improvement of their well-being and quality of life, with the key focus on their families. MBLM was responsible for the development of the entire brand platform and positioning, addressing the target in an interactive and fun way by promoting a healthy lifestyle based on four pillars: Nutrition, Health, Physical Activity and Personal Well-being. MBLM continues to generate all the activation points for the initiative, including content, activity planning, graphic system stands decor, POP and follow-up material.


The program includes activities in two formats. One is a day of events with more than 20 stands of physical, educational and recreational activities and games, dedicated to children (beginning at 12 months) and adults. The other is a 45-minute town hall format meeting for specific subjects. Each activity or game is created and carried out by experts. In addition, playful follow-up material is delivered to each participant to maintain the learning process long term.

These events have taken place in more than 10 cities, benefiting more than 7,400 people, including nearly 4,000 families.

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