Empresas Polar


Leveraging synergies


PepsiCo, Empresas Polar and Geusa, the second-largest bottling company for the PepsiCo brands in Mexico, created a joint venture in Mexico to merge their know-how and experience to face strong competition in the nation’s soft drink market.

MBLM worked with the venture to identify the main pillars for the new company, define what makes the company unique for each of its key audiences, understand the global and Mexican non-alcoholic beverage markets, and anticipate competitors’ business and brand strategies. We created a unique brand platform to represent the company’s competitiveness and conviction, and the name “GEPP,” which clearly communicates the strong synergies among the three powerhouses, its products and Mexico. Finally, we created a brand identity and experience that empowers the company and demonstrates that GEPP is “much more than the sum of its parts.”


GEPP represents a successful business profile supported by its industry’s leadership. Its products now reach most of the Mexican people and their homes, placing it as the second-largest Mexican beverage company.

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