La Monteserratina

The barbecue is on the house


In 2011, Plumrose acquired La Montserratina, a small yet prestigious premium barbecue products producer. At that point, MBLM was called upon to elevate a noble brand to work in sync with the new business strategy, from local distribution and recognition to mass communications nationwide.

La Montserratina needed a new brand proposition that reflected its Spanish heritage in manufacturing artisan premium products for special occasions, relevant nationwide.

MBLM, with more than 12 years with Plumrose, developed a sound strategy and portfolio alignment.


Since its launch, La Montserratina has been known nationwide. The brand is constantly working on activities related to its brand proposition; one of them is, The Barbecue Is on Us!

The brand sells well on premium artisan flavors and quality products for every special occasion, notably barbecue and spiced sausages and cold cuts. They launched a special ham for 2013´s Christmas season, which sold out sooner than expected.

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