Empresas Polar


Expanding leadership


Mavesa, an important strategic brand for Alimentos Polar, owns the leadership position in the Venezuelan margarine business and carries many strong equities with consumers. Alimentos Polar planned a number of line extensions for the brand and asked MBLM to evaluate and develop a careful plan for leveraging its equity and extending the brand into new categories, including mayonnaise, vinegar and other cooking sauces.

MBLM assessed the global and local food industry, focusing on the four lines of businesses (margarine, oil, vinegar and cooking sauces), analyzed market trends, and studied the Mavesa brand and its promise to its key audiences. Together with Alimentos Polar, MBLM developed a unique and relevant brand platform for the new masterbrand, along with the portfolio brand architecture. MBLM also refreshed the Mavesa brand to facilitate its connection with a broader audience.


The redesigned identity system has been very well received for all SKU’s. The squeezable mayonnaise bottle was launched mid-2012 and has been very well received by the market.

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