Pascual Andina


Successfully challenging a mature yogurt category


In 2010, Empresas Polar joined forces with Grupo Leche Pascual, a Spanish dairy industry leader with presence in 80 countries, to create Pascual Andina. With its focus on jump-starting the Venezuelan yogurt market, the company created a new offering−a low-cost, shelf-stable line of creamy, great-tasting yogurt designed to improve the nutritional intake of low-income families.

MBLM thoroughly analyzed the competitive marketplace and the nutritional needs of low-income families, conducting in-depth research on global dairy products and yogurt markets, brands and trends. Then MBLM created an emotional and unique brand platform for the product line, using the promise of “The delicious and convenient yogurt that’s part of your life,” indicating that shelf stability is a new aspect of the yogurt market. The brand name “MiGurt” was developed to strengthen the bond between the consumer and the yogurt, with an attractive and catchy identity that found early adopters fast.


Almost two years into the launch, the brand has amassed close to 50 percent market share, by far in the top of mind mentions and preference in the yogurt market. It has also fulfilled a nutritional gap in Venezuela and has become a successful joint venture between Empresas Polar and Grupo Leche Pascual.

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