Portfolio Brand Architecture

When We Eat Ham


In 2008, Plumrose, by far the market leader in meat and cold cut products, had a new business challenge in keeping its promise to innovate its portfolio and increase its revenues.

The market research study about product and brand insights between consumers and employees revealed that Plumrose┬┤s brand was perceived as a trustworthy and family-oriented company, leaving behind the closeness and innovative attributes of the brand value proposition. MBLM worked with Plumrose to boost the connection between the brand and its consumers through its product line packaging, placing Plumrose in every moment of joy the consumer might have throughout their day. To get to this point, MBLM developed product brand architecture for the Plumrose portfolio according to consumer needs and the different occasions each product is consumed.


MBLM and Plumrose achieved a well-differentiated portfolio that connects with different consumers and aligns their creativity with the versatility of their products,, and maximized a product line that understands the needs of mothers and children, enhancing its brand proposition. Almost 250 SKUs have been redesigned in this effort.

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