Ochno platform mockup on laptop

How Does a Start-Up Ensure That Its Offering Resonates With Customers?

Converting an innovative idea into a compelling commercial solution


Ochno, a smart technology company that had recently won several innovation grants and nominations, was gaining traction in the Swedish marketplace but needed help expressing the benefit of its energy-efficient solutions in a way that target audiences could easily understand.

Founded in 2016 by an alumnus of some of Sweden’s foremost cloud technology and power electronics companies, Ochno had developed a power outlet linked to a cloud software component that innovatively helps end-users enjoy a more intuitive and attractive computing experience while enabling commercial building owners, their tenants, and workspace-based businesses to operate their properties more efficiently and reduce their CO2 footprint. However, the value of the company’s complex offering was difficult for potential customers to appreciate, and with interest in Ochno growing, the company needed a clear message—fast. That’s when MBLM came on board.

Given Ochno’s short-term objectives, MBLM’s approach was based on a compact timeline and working closely with the client to arrive swiftly at key deliverables that would enable the company to clearly communicate its solution across all its touchpoints and activities to expand its customer base.

We began with a document review and a targeted workshop to get smart on the finer points of the technology, as well as discuss audience needs and pain points. Based on what we learned, we crafted a strategic brand platform grounded in a new company purpose: We create commercially viable next-generation energy solutions that reduce CO2 emissions. Next, we developed a brand narrative, key messages and a company presentation that frames the situation customers face and the multi-prong advantages of Ochno’s next-generation smart building solutions.


Together, these strategic brand pieces are helping Ochno present a sharp, distinctive and unified message to the industry, its potential customers and partners, as well as prospective employees, as the company continues its upward trajectory.

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