Personal brands.
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In today’s competitive landscape, establishing a strong personal brand is a way to create advantage and distinction. Whether you're building your reputation as a business leader, politician, athlete or emerging YouTube star, establishing a personal brand based on emotion is key.

Having developed a modern approach and deep understanding about building emotional brands that deliver superior performance for the last 8 years, we at MBLM know what it takes to create a compelling personal brand. We understand human decision-making and how to ensure a personal brand drives behavior and changes perception. We have crafted personal brands for professional athletes and sports teams, government officials and royalty. Let us help you leverage your biggest advantage—your personal brand.

We build ultimate brands through essence, story and experience.

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bff study statistics

Brand-intimate Famous Figures Study

Learn about the most intimate celebrity brands in the U.S. This report provides details on the famous figures Americans feels the strongest emotional connection with.

  • The BFF Top 10: Find out which famous figures are best at building bonds and explore their performance and scores
  • Demographics: Discover how age and gender impacts perspectives
  • Top Performers: Learn which celebrities are best across our archetypes and stages.