MBLM, the Brand Intimacy Agency focused on strategy, design, creative and technology, announced the introduction of Synzi, a separate entity of Stratus Video Language Services. Designed to improve patient engagement and care delivery, Synzi is a sophisticated communications platform that automates and optimizes workflows across multiple modalities.

“The collaboration represents a great pairing of MBLM’s expertise and Synzi’s leadership team,” stated Claude Salzberger, President, MBLM. “Together, we created a powerful brand in a dynamic space.”

The four-month project encompassed the core elements required to showcase the company’s ambition from the start. MBLM created the name Synzi, highlighting the brand’s ability to synchronize communications, engagement and delivery for healthcare professionals, patients and members. An optimistic brand promise and modern design system exemplifies this part of the work, highlighting a company that is dedicated to driving better performance for healthcare organizations, better access for patients/members and better outcomes for all.

The foundation of the new brand was then elaborated through a narrative that explains more about Synzi and its offerings. The brand was activated through the creation of its new website, Synzi.com, as well as the development of key launch materials.

“The MBLM team had the optimal mix of experience, smarts and creativity, working with us to create a powerful expression for our new brand and building something that connects meaningfully with healthcare organizations,” stated Lee Horner, CEO of Synzi. “MBLM was insightful, fast, flexible and hands-on across a wide range of work, from strategy to web. We are very excited about the end result.”


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