MBLM, the Brand Intimacy Agency focused on strategy, design, creative and technology, has released the first set of findings from its four-part Ethnography Study focused on users of Apple Watch. The study found that users quickly developed a powerful personal bond with their Apple Watches, demonstrating that Apple’s most intimate device delivers on all four documented forms of intimacy, including cognitive, emotional, physical and experiential. Users also felt a range of emotions, and in just one week of use, they changed some of their behaviors, like checking the iPhone less often and walking more as a result of the alerts on the watch.

The study conducted extensive interviews with 11 people, ages 13 to 65 years, and had respondents participate in a daily diary, where they answered a series of questions and were also filmed using their watches and discussing the experience three times over the seven days. The findings comprise 770 open-ended responses and 30 hours of video footage. In this one of a kind study, MBLM will continue to track the same group’s use of the watch and release findings after one month, one quarter and one year, with the goal to understand how the consumer/brand relationship evolves over time and how technology is changing people’s behavior.

Here are a few of the findings from this report, which can be found on MBLM’s website:

  • Joy and wonder were the overwhelming emotional anchors experienced by participants
  • Happiness overcomes frustration. There are limitations with the watch, however, most trust Apple will work out the kinks
  • People are using their phones less and transferring their constant “checking” (emails, texts, appointments) to their watches
  • Consumer behavior shifts based on demographic differences. The young learn intuitively and are more social in their use, focusing on sending emojis, texts, and calling friends, while older users require more time to understand the functionality and are more interested in checking the weather and getting key notifications
  • The watch bosses you around (alerts, reminders) but also listens to you and adjusts to your behaviors

“The Apple Watch is an effective device because of its ability to develop a powerful and intimate relationship with users,” says Mario Natarelli, Managing Partner at MBLM. “With the watch, technology is further shifting from something we use to something that is part of us and that enhances us. MBLM is dedicated to leveraging this across how we market, build tools and apps and encourages brands to stay relevant and meaningful today.”


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