After the world’s most famous ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 sailed to her new home in the harbours of Dubai, PCFC Investments commissioned MBLM, the Brand Intimacy Agency, to create a brand programme for the floating hotel destination.

The task at hand was to define the essence, develop the story and narratives, and create the experience, to ultimately build an intimate brand for QE2. The challenge, however, was ensuring that the essence embodied the brand’s new chapter, but simultaneously kept to the authenticity of the original.

“MBLM succeeded in bringing our vision for the brand to life. They revitalised an icon with considered application throughout the guest experience, without compromising its stature,” stated Hamza Mustafa, CEO of PCFC Investments.

The core of QE2’s brand was founded on the expression: ‘still making history’. This promise, which also acts as the brand’s tagline, confidently preserves her legacy, whilst projecting a continuation of her success journey. The entire brand programme is an amalgamation of past and present, elevating a legacy of hospitality tradition to a new level of the latest technology and a touch of Dubai flair.

Every touchpoint from collateral to uniforms to a unique wayfinding system encapsulates tradition that is injected with contemporary aesthetics and elegance. The refreshed visual language incorporates the bold and sophisticated designs of the QE2’s bygone era with streamlined, complementary colour palettes and typography for a simpler, more modern look.

“Throughout the development of new and revamped experiences such as the mobile app, website and wayfinding system, we have focused on enhancing the authenticity of the brand as a reflection of the overall journey on the QE2. Every experience has been designed to furnish greater brand intimacy,” noted William Shintani, managing partner at MBLM.

Besides delivering a comprehensive brand revamp, the brand programme and digital activations also precipitated a lot of positive media around the QE2’s soft opening on 18 April 2018 and continues to make headlines.

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