MBLM, an independent global brand agency, announces the product launch of BrandOS: the next-generation brand management platform.  Backed by a 15-year history of customized solutions for leading global brands, BrandOS integrates social collaboration, dynamic production and asset management into one customizable platform for marketing and communication teams.

“Business today is moving faster and further than ever before. To thrive, companies need to harness the collective strengths of their people, culture, technology and brand,” said Mario Natarelli, managing partner of MBLM New York. “We’ve designed BrandOS to do just that — to enable greater brand intimacy through simpler, smarter collaboration.”

BrandOS integrates best practices and features from leading social, mobile and computing tools. Through its intuitive functionality and collaborative features, it enables efficient workflow, ensures compliant marketing outcomes and also serves as an effective tool for team engagement. Importantly, BrandOS can be customized or scaled with a range of applications to address the different needs of brands and their unique cultures.

To find out more about BrandOS from MBLM, visit mblm.com/brandos.


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