MBLM, the Brand Intimacy Agency, announced the completion of a year-long project that has transformed Borouge’s state-of-the-art plastics Innovation Centre into a comprehensive and engaging interactive experience. As a leading provider of innovative, value-added plastic solutions, Borouge was looking for engaging ways to showcase the ingenuity, science and benefits of its plastics to aspiring UAE engineers and its customers from around the world at its advanced research and testing facility located in Abu Dhabi.

The multidisciplinary team of MBLM worked in close collaboration with global senior management, researchers and engineers to develop a compelling narrative that transformed the science behind the design, development, enhancement and production of plastics into memorable experiences that were delivered across a number of multimedia, mobile, interactive and physical installations deployed throughout the Innovation Centre.

Critical to MBLM’s solution was orchestrating various displays that foster engagement and relevance for audiences ranging from high school and university students to experienced industry experts visiting the Borouge Innovation Centre. Through the integration of strategy, design, creative services and technology, MBLM created engaging, custom installations for Borouge, some of which include:

  • Large-scale video wall displaying a user-driven educational module of the complete plastics lifecycle
  • Dissected, life-size car that highlights plastic automotive components and an associated interactive kiosk that allows users to learn how different car brands are using plastics to increase car performance and reduce the carbon footprint
  • Model showing the anatomy of a modern-day kitchen that showcases the importance of plastics to visitors in their daily lives
  • Location-based Laboratory Guide that provides in-depth information about the state- of-the-art laboratories located in the Borouge Innovation Centre and the tests conducted within them

“Through a diverse array of interactive installations, Borouge is able to create a powerful and memorable experience for its visitors and establish an important bond that allows them to demonstrate their dedication to innovative plastic solutions,” said William Shintani, Partner at MBLM.

“With this completion of our Innovation Centre experience, the look and feel of the building now match the advanced, innovative research that takes place inside it,” said Michael Pell, Vice President of the Borouge Innovation Centre. “As an innovation centre, we want to push the boundaries of what we already know and evolve the science within which we are working to create better, smarter materials. The experience created by MBLM captures this idea perfectly and has enhanced our state-of-the-art facility to be able to effectively connect with our audience.”

The completion of the project marks the transformation of the Borouge Innovation Centre into an immersive, interactive journey. The experience crafted by MBLM highlights Borouge as a beacon of innovation within the field of polymer production and reflects its position as a contributor to the national economy and to fulfilling the vision of developing a knowledge- based economy in the UAE.


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