MBLM , the Brand Intimacy Agency focused on strategy, design, creative and technology, announced today it has successfully spearheaded a rebranding of Wyng , which was formerly Offerpop.

Wyng, founded in 2009, is a marketing platform for brands to build and run campaigns that drive participation and increase consumer influence. Since its inception, it has powered thousands of digital campaigns, collected over 45 million images, three million videos, while delivering over a half billion views. Notably, Wyng was behind the first Super Bowl hashtag commercial in 2011. As a legacy brand, it was in need of a strategy and identity that better represented who how the firm was evolving in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Wyng chose MBLM as its branding agency in large part for its innovative views on deepening consumer-brand relationships known as Brand Intimacy. The agency’s work included conceiving a new brand promise, name, identity, video and website.

“Wyng is a digital marketing pioneer and their new brand tells a story that is bold, smart, and innovative. The MBLM team was very proud to have been involved in telling that story,” stated Mario Natarelli, MBLM’s managing partner.

MBLM’s multidisciplinary team leveraged Brand Intimacy archetypes of identity and enhancement to create a new brand experience. A brand positioning centered around the idea of tribes of influence was crafted to give a unique focus to the company. From this direction, a new name, Wyng was chosen along with a fresh, distinct design.

“As Wyng, we’ve aligned to reflect the true breadth and value of our platform for brands and agencies, while advancing our investment in campaign data through predictive modeling. With our new name comes a new mission: elevate consumer influence,” stated Wyng CEO, John Yapaola.


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