West End Residences relaunches as Homeward NYC

NEW YORK — November. 17, 2020 — MBLM (pronounced as “Emblem”), an agency using emotional science to build more intimate brands during these unprecedented times, announced it has rebranded West End Residences, a New York City HDFC agency, as Homeward NYC.

For over 30 years, Homeward NYC has helped transform the lives of more than 12,700 residents, including 7,500 children. The agency specializes in supportive housing and wraparound services for the city’s homeless young mothers and their children, LGBTQ youth, and older adults so they can find stability and build the skills necessary as they transition into the next phase of their lives.

“Our new name and the ‘Live life forward’ tagline capture the essence of who we are under a single brand,” noted Jeannette Ruffins, Homeward NYC’s CEO. “They express the common goal of our residents, city agencies and donors, which is to kick-start the journey that will help homeless populations achieve the independence required to lead full and productive lives.”

Claude Salzberger, founder and president of MBLM, said, “Our analysis uncovered that the agency’s name — West End Residences — and the population-based branding for programs and housing sites — ‘Intergenerational’ and ‘True Colors’ — further compromised its ability to present a unified face to key stakeholders and the city at large. Homeward NYC brings the organization together and will create greater awareness of all it does on behalf of the city’s underserved homeless populations.”

The Homeward logo and HNYC icon provide the basis for a colorful and engaging visual system that projects the agency’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. The new website designed by MBLM, homeward.nyc, delivers an inviting user experience and improved functionality to showcase Homeward NYC’s mission and essential services. The site also provides valuable information to potential residents and provides information for how sponsors and visitors can donate and get involved.

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