MBLM, the Brand Intimacy Agency focused on strategy, design, creative and technology, today announced the rebranding of Terralux, an established lighting company focused on LED retrofit products, as Sielo. Terralux engaged MBLM for its rebrand to establish it as a forward-looking player in a dynamic industry.

“When rebranding Terralux, we wanted to create a powerful evocative brand that connoted confidence and blue sky thinking,” stated Sidney Blank, partner at MBLM. “We are pleased to have collaborated with Sielo to create an inspiring new brand aligned with the company’s vision and ambition, and bold enough to take them confidently into the future.”

Working with Terralux’s leadership, MBLM developed a comprehensive branding program. This included a new brand strategy, name, and identity, a wide variety of templates, and a new web presence. MBLM created a unique brand strategy based on the idea of crossing thresholds, transitioning into new areas of technology, performance, and design, and reaching greater heights of excellence.

MBLM first developed a new name for Terralux: Sielo. Inspired by the Spanish word for sky (“cielo”), this distinctive name speaks to the boundless potential of the brand by making subtle connections to light and the environment. Along with the new name, the branding agency created a powerful, modern identity that uses open space to suggest both simplicity and limitless possibilities. MBLM designed a clean, sophisticated logo that includes a horizontal line to further emphasize the concept of crossing thresholds and communicates the idea of connection.

“The team at MBLM provided a consultative process, focusing our input and bringing our vision to life,” stated Matthew Sallee, Director of Strategic Marketing at Sielo. “Sielo represents the connection of our technology to our clients through the cloud, a very tangible benefit in the Internet of Things.”

MBLM also designed Sielo’s website to promote the brand and its offerings. New pages deepen product offerings and the sleek design highlights the company’s innovativeness. Additionally, MBLM created a more robust, narrative-driven web experience, intuitively guiding customers through Sielo’s offerings. The agency also designed a full suite of templates for the brand’s marketing collateral, including product catalogs, presentations, stationery, business cards, corporate brochures, product specification sheets and trade show materials.

The Sielo brand officially launched in May 2017 at LIGHTFAIR International, the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting conference and trade show.


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