MBLM, the Brand Intimacy Agency focused on strategy, design, creative and technology, revealed Apple to be the most intimate technology & telecommunications brand, according to its extensive Brand Intimacy 2015 Report. Brand intimacy describes an essential relationship between a person and brand that transcends usage, purchase and loyalty. Apple is followed by Samsung and Google, to round out the top three.

According to the report, intimate brands create enhanced business performance. The top ranked intimate brands outperform major financial indices in profit growth and revenue growth over the past 10 years and brands that achieve the highest levels of intimacy also enjoy greater price resilience.

The remaining brands in the top 10 technology & telecommunications industry are: Verizon, Intel, Bose, AT&T, Microsoft, Sony and LG.

“We are seeing at CES, and in the technology space more broadly, a convergence of tech with other industries,” stated Mario Natarelli, MBLM’s managing partner. “For example, automotive is investing heavily in car sharing; and retail, fulfillment and logistics are merging on a bedrock of technology (think of Amazon) and this is manifesting in other categories as well. We believe technology brands will increasingly dominate the intimacy landscape because they can intrinsically connect, personalize and foster bonds in more profound ways.”

Social media brands Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ranked 13th, 15th, and 17th respectively. The report also found that HP does very well with men, whereas LG connects more strongly with women.

The technology and telecommunications industry is expected to continue to be of importance to the U.S. economy in the coming years. The projected increase in the global cloud computing market by 2020 is 592 percent and the annual rise of the global wearable technology market between 2012 and 2018 is 41 percent.

MBLM’s 2015 report contains one of the most comprehensive rankings of brands based on emotion, analyzing the responses of 6,000 consumers and 52,000 brand evaluations across nine industries in the U.S., Mexico and UAE. MBLM’s reports and interactive Brand Ranking Tool showcase the performance of almost 400 brands, revealing the characteristics and intensity of the consumer bonds.

To download the full Brand Intimacy 2015 Report or explore the Ranking Tool please visit: http://mblm.com/brandintimacy/.


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