Planning, Assessment & Integration

When implementing an inbound marketing strategy, thoughtful planning and assessment ensure efficiency and accuracy throughout the process.

MBLM works to understand the needs of your audiences so we can develop content that adds value to their experiences. We then assess your efforts to identify new opportunities and improve your brand’s content. To achieve effective inbound marketing, we start by researching the needs of your prospective customers and using our insights to define personas for delivering targeted content. After assessing and organizing your existing content assets, we create the strategy to leverage them in social media, blog posts, and reports that are designed to attract your prospects and guide them along the buyer’s journey. We integrate marketing-automation software with your existing content-management system and identify the most effective places to harness user interest with relevant calls to action, landing pages, and content offers that convert site visitors into leads. We create workflows to help manage these processes so they are smart, seamless, and automatic, making it easier to grow your digital presence and convert more visitors into leads.

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