User Experience Research

MBLM teams conduct a range of user experience research, beginning with stakeholder mapping and defining personas to anticipating behaviors and needs based on observation and experience diagramming. We embed usability testing into the design process by programming light, and nimble prototypes to prove concepts and build confidence in expected outcomes.

User Interface Design

Our UI team creates compelling, engaging and vibrant experiences that meet channel or device requirements while pushing the boundaries of digital experience. Whether touch or click, responsive, or mobile-first, our designs provide the right mix of aesthetic power and technical efficiency.

Performance Testing

As part of the design, refinement, and post launch release process, we use A/B and multi variate testing to optimize and improve conversion and engagement metrics.

Information Architecture

We map existing digital ecosystem architecture in order to quickly understand the essential components of a system. We determine effective and consistent taxonomy, nomenclature, and hierarchy models that are built from a user-centric mind-set. We test these models for intuitive navigation and general ease of use and understanding.