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Brand Launch Activation

Once a launch plan has been approved, carefully creating and designing all content across a variety of channels for distinct stakeholders has our writers, designers, coders and developers working in sync. From dedicated microsites and mobile experiences to a video series, customer road show, and launch events, MBLM executes with precision and focus, creating powerful activation opportunities.

An effective brand launch consists of multiple moving parts, including richmails, events, workshops, videos, websites, social media, press releases, graphic installations, corporate communications, presentations, and more. After an extensive planning process, our teams of designers, writers, and developers work to create the various materials and experiences required to activate your brand, both internally and externally. Together, these elements serve as a powerful introduction to your new brand, educating and engaging key stakeholders and building enthusiasm around an exciting transformation. At MBLM, we work with you to make the first impression of your new brand as impactful as possible, inspiring your employees to become passionate advocates.

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