The technology & telecommunications industry has a Brand Intimacy Quotient of 42.3, significantly above the average across all 15 industries.

Two of the overall Top 10 brands, Apple (the #1 ranked brand) and Samsung (#7), are from this category, where enhancement is the dominant archetype. Apple continues its #1 performance from our previous study and remains the top brand for both men and women, across all age groups (except ages 55-64), and incomes $50,000-$200,000+. Samsung is the favored brand for those earning below $50,000. The technology & telecommunications category is above average for its fusing, bonding and sharing scores. Among the brands in this space, Apple is highest for fusing and bonding (16 percent and 13 percent), while Google is highest for sharing (26 percent). U.S. consumers would also find it most difficult to live without their technology products relative to the 14 other industries we examined.


Verizon is the stronger intimate brand compared to AT&T. Its higher Quotient score (45.7 versus 30.2) is evidenced by its larger percentage of intimate customers (37 percent compared to 25 for AT&T). Verizon has more fusing and sharing customers and double the bonding customers. When reviewing the archetypes, Verizon outperforms AT&T on all but one. Verizon is more associated with the enhancement archetype, as well as ritual, identity, fulfillment and indulgence, while AT&T is stronger on nostalgia. Additionally, slightly more Verizon customers are willing to pay 20 percent more for its products and services than AT&T customers (8 percent compared to 7). Verizon customers seem to use the brand more, as well. Nearly three quarters say they are daily users, while almost two-third of AT&T’s customers say the same.



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