ADNOC website mockup

Aligning Employees Under One Platform

Implementing an indispensable branding tool to train over 2,000 employees of a national giant


As a massive company that employs more than 15,000 employees, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) needed to standardize its brand across all of its departments in a way that was efficient, easy, and comprehensive. MBLM implemented BrandOS, our proprietary brand management system for ADNOC as an effective and intuitive way to manage the large number of employees in charge of the brand’s extensive touchpoints and templates.

ADNOC’s BrandOS features brand guidelines for brand strategy, visual identity, design system, and brand specifications. MBLM adapted downloading capabilities to include bilingual templates and several file formats. The new software also facilitated communication with features like Pulse, a company-wide visual social intranet that allows employees to collaborate, share, and socialize in one place. BrandOS for ADNOC is also used to train new and existing employees and is a significant part of the integration of team members and outside agencies into the company’s existing brand architecture and brand strategy.

The platform currently provides various teams with a valuable way to consolidate communication on brand strategy, guidelines, increasing efficiency, and maintaining consistency across all channels and mediums, in both English and Arabic. It provides a more effective brand management system and a sophisticated platform for company communication and cooperation.


BrandOS for ADNOC has been instrumental in training over 2,000 employees since the implementation of the platform, and is crucial to maintaining consistency in all communications across the company since the launch of its new corporate revamp and brand strategy.

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