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Connect people and stories through a seamless experience

A platform that manages and displays content for any device in any environment.

Effectively engage with your audiences by activating environments with digital experiences on videowalls, interactive touch-screens and stand-alone tablets . A multimedia display platform at its core, PresentationOS helps builds strong emotional bonds by connecting people with your stories.

All Your Materials

Standing out from the competition has never been easier. All your digital marketing materials, in a variety of supported formats, on any of your screens and devices. Instantly accessible by touch controls.

  • Incredibly simple to populate, update, and use.
  • Supports images, videos, PowerPoints, and PDFs.
  • Infinite content customization for interactive and touchscreen experiences.

Leverage Your Screens

Whether its your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad, PresentationOS can link to your mobile devices to allow control over content displayed on one or multiple screens. With all your content pre-uploaded, you can immediately access the right information on any screen on your stand.

  • Control screens via mobile device, or let visitors control them with their devices.
  • Manage multiple screens individually, or with the same controller.
  • Even, integrate your mobile device with your architectural model lighting and showcase features.

Craft Your Conversations

Seamlessly adapt your pitch to preferences of each individual audience, all from a single interface. Scrub through videos, flip through the image galleries, manipulate 3D models in real-time, or skip over PDF thumbnails.

  • Modify your pitch to adapt to your customers’ needs.
  • Navigate instantly without breaking your customers’ experience.
  • Delve into details or stay high level: no load screens or changing applications.

Track Leads and Interests

Built in forms let you capture visitor data in real time. Send personalized emails with downloadable marketing materials a customer asked you to share, and use the built-in analytics to understand their interests.

  • Sync all leads to a unified database through a simple form.
  • Review visitor interests, and slides, videos or images that were shown.
  • Track which members of the sales team captured which prospects.

Who gets what out of PresentationOS?

Marketing professionals take control of the narrative, ensuring the latest key messages and materials are showcased.

End-users/Customers engage with positive and seamless brand experiences through technology.

Management have greater visibility over team and material performance, with insights that lead to increased ROI.

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