Reimagining How Healthcare is Delivered

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  • Developed a compelling brand promise and audience messaging
  • Designed a bold, fresh identity for a value-based medical group
  • Created a distinctive brand name in a growing category
  • Designed and built a new website experience as a content destination for patients, providers, and partners

Emcara is a national medical group that focuses on providing personalized and attentive care to people facing health challenges. As part of PopHealthCare, the brand looked to promote itself as a distinct offering by securing a unique name, brand promise, identity, and essential go-to-market materials in a quick time frame.

MBLM worked closely with the executive leadership team to align business intent with brand development. To do so, we developed a provocative brand promise centered on the ideas of being fluent in the language of care and being able to speak with patients with understanding.

This promise centered on the Brand Intimacy archetype of fulfillment: exceeding expectations and delivering superior service, quality, and efficacy. We developed segmented messaging to patients, providers, and partners; echoed our brand promise; and provided specific context for each stakeholder group.

a bright and welcoming color pallete designed for emcara with four basic colors and lighter and darker versions of these colors

The brand name Emcara was developed to further extend the idea of delivering empathy and care. A simple, modern name that is approachable was then designed with bright, welcoming color and a stylish connected script that further highlights the idea of continuous care and reliability. A bold design system of icons and fresh photography created distinction and a contemporary vibe.

Example of Emcara employee ID on a lanyard
a male healthcare professional in blue scrubs with embroidered emcara logo to show how the design system is applied
Examples of emcara's design system applied to printed material
Examples of emcara's design system applied to printed brochures
Examples of business cards designed for Emcara
Examples of horizontal banners for Emcara showing how to apply the design system

We created a new website focused on persona-driven navigation to provide a content destination for patients, providers, and partners. The site was designed to provide quick takeaways wrapped in an emotionally attractive experience lasting under two minutes (the length of today’s typical website visit). MBLM wrote all content and used testimonials, improvement and performance measures, and points of view.

Examples of 3 vertical banners for Emcara showing how to apply the design system

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