Brand Strategy

We articulate a single-minded focus on how a business or product wants to be perceived and its promise in the marketplace. This is supported by messaging, which further details how a brand communicates its value to audiences.

State of the Brand Assessments

MBLM’s strategy, design and digital teams thoroughly review a brand’s current state, examining everything from messaging and identity to digital and social presence. We assess all research and key documents and meet with stakeholders with the goal of understanding the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for the brand.

Value Proposition

We craft a blueprint that details the compelling promise a company or product makes to distinct target audiences, outweighing its barriers while being differentiated from available alternates and supported by proof points. This rigorous approach often requires research, executive perspectives, and a strong understanding of the competitive landscape.

Brand Promise

To focus a small company or start up around a single idea, with less complexity than a Value Proposition, we provide a Brand Promise. We develop a mission, values and a promise statement that articulates a brand’s unique selling proposition, developed through competitive assessments, brand reviews, and executive work sessions.

Strategy Work Sessions

For fast-moving projects with multiple stakeholders, a moderated executive workshop can help solidify core brand components including focus, priorities, values, target audiences and brand roll out.

Brand Personality/Moodboards

MBLM creates moodboards as part of the brand strategy process. These conceptual devices can quickly communicate the emotional essence of a brand visually and complement the brand promise work being developed. Typically our moodboards include color, typography and photography.

Digital Strategy

Through comprehensive audits and assessments, we benchmark a brand’s digital presence against the competition. We draw conclusions from best practices within the category and beyond. The result is a set of actionable recommendations to shape executive decision-making and brief user experience and design teams.

Let us articulate a single-minded focus on how your business or product is perceived.

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Let us articulate a single-minded focus on how your business or product is perceived.

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