Brand strategy is essential to creating a compelling approach to how your business is perceived in the marketplace

A great brand acts as a force to lead a business forward. To do this effectively, it needs to be defined by a clear, compelling, appropriate, and ownable brand promise that represents how the business or product wants to be perceived. We work with leading brands to define that single-minded focus, ensuring a clear and differentiated presence and proposition.

We leverage emotion to create powerful brand narratives with lasting impact

A brand promise is the core component of a brand strategy framework, and it defines the fundamental essence of a brand, articulating why it is different and worthy of attention. Doing this by simply describing what the business offers usually creates a description that sounds much like competitors. By establishing an emotional foundation for your brand narrative, we help you tap into the non rational decision-making processes of your stakeholders. This helps drive consideration, customer retention, and business success.

From promise to practice: holistic approaches to creating and living a brand promise

Our process of creating a compelling strategy is honed by decades of experience with brands of all scales. We conduct interviews, assessments, testing, and validation to ensure your promise is aligned with business realities, stakeholder needs, white space in the competitive set, and cultural factors. We conduct a brand workshop to create cohesion within executive teams, fostering a unified vision. Our services also continue into change management to facilitate effective adoption of your new brand strategy.

We leverage emotion and simplify consensus-building and implementation to take you further

Deeper understanding of audience drivers

Well-versed in primary and secondary research, we can help identify gaps, competitive spaces, and opportunities to connect with stakeholder needs and behaviors.

Leverage emotions to drive decisions

We wrote the book on Brand Intimacy: our deep understanding of how human behavior works to guide decision-making drives our process of creating impactful strategy.

We help implement and drive change

Creating a strategy is just the first step. We also empower adoption through training programs, change management initiatives and structured communications.

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