Trade Show and Launch Events

MBLM works with client teams to plan, coordinate, design and execute trade show events and launch experiences of all varieties. From brand galleries and internal launch events to corporate showcases and investor roadshows, we are able to demonstrate agreed-upon objectives through multimedia events leveraging content, graphics, technology and collateral.

Corporate Interiors and Sales Centers

Our award-winning work creating sales centers and corporate interiors is a result of cultivating integrated experienced teams that understand sense of place, uses of space and selling zones as well as how to translate a brand through displays, furniture and every little detail.

Service Environments

Extending a brand into service environments provides new ways to bring it to life and create a powerful experience for audiences. In settings ranging from airline cabins and lounges to retail banks, careful planning and customized signage, materials and sound all contribute to engaging with people in a powerful way.

Retail Branding

From designing promotions, displays and kiosks to designing the store of the future, our teams deliver crafted designs, specifications, communications and all planning and production coordination.

Wayfinding Systems

Demonstrating a brand through wayfinding is another key approach to dimensioning a brand and further expanding its purview. In everything from corporate campuses to master planned communities, MBLM has created compelling wayfinding that enhances the environment and furthers the brand.