Trade Show and Launch Events

Our trade show and launch events will help you build awareness, unite people, and inspire change. Our multimedia experiences and physical environments will engage your audience and build your brand.

MBLM has extensive expertise creating events that deliver on a company’s promise. Our designers, architects, storytellers, and technicians work with client teams to plan, coordinate, design, and execute trade show events and launch experiences of all shapes and sizes. With a focus on originality, maximizing the physical space, and fiscal responsibility, we bring your brand to life and meet your identified event objectives while making the greatest possible impact on your audience. Leveraging content, graphics, technology, and collateral in creative and engaging ways, we ensure that your message is never lost at the cost of entertainment value. In short, an event is a significant investment, and we’ll make sure that yours pays off—before, during, and after.

A trade show booth showcasing products with people in attendance.