Brand architecture for clear, cohesive, and impactful portfolios

Companies with histories marked by mergers and acquisitions often find themselves dealing with a complex array of brands, causing confusion both in the market and internally. Similarly, emerging companies introducing new brands and product lines face the challenge of structuring their offerings coherently. Our brand architecture establishes hierarchical relationships to streamline future decisions on creating and organizing brands, enhancing efficiency, and clarifying the purpose of each brand within the portfolio.

Simplify, streamline, and succeed

Clearly defined brand architecture is crucial for creating external clarity, prioritizing offerings, and defining the purpose of brands. It simplifies purchasing decisions, streamlines the sales cycle, facilitates support, and enhances the overall customer journey. Internally, it brings organizational structure and ease of use for teams, benefiting everyone from sales to support.

From complexity to clarity: Shaping tomorrow’s success

Brand architecture involves research and analysis to understand equities, opportunities, and barriers. It includes rationalizing and optimizing brand portfolios to create clarity within brands, defining and codifying brand architecture for future decision-making, conducting transition planning for brands requiring changes, and ensuring portfolio naming optimization to manage nomenclature in complex product and brand portfolios. Additionally, visual architecture and hierarchy guidelines are provided to translate portfolio decisions into visual executions such as logos.

Brand architecture to support business objectives, maximize efficiency, and optimize performance

Proven expertise

MBLM has a rich history of working with highly complex portfolios, handling hundreds of product/service lines in various technical industries, and helping simplify and optimize outcomes.

Methodical process and clear guidance

Our brand architecture provides a methodical process and clear guidance, leading clients through the necessary steps to achieve an optimized portfolio and ensuring a comprehensive perspective.

Internal alignment and stakeholder buy-in

Facilitated work sessions create internal alignment and secure stakeholder buy-in, a critical aspect given the emotional attachment teams may have to existing brands.

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