Brand Architecture

The role of brand architecture is to establish hierarchical relationships within a company’s structure and its product portfolio. A strategically conceived and rigorously deployed brand architecture is key to supporting business objectives, maximizing efficiency, and optimizing performance.

Brand Portfolio Analysis

Determining the existing landscape of a company’s brand architecture requires first understanding what a brand is, then realizing what a strong brand is and what a strategic brand is. This forms the foundation of a brand portfolio analysis. After that, analyzing existing gaps, overlaps and brand investments are also key considerations.

Brand Architecture/Filter Modeling

We recognize that there is not a one-size-fits-all formula for brand architecture, so we evaluate all the options and develop the ideal balance that each unique business situation demands. Evaluating and selecting the appropriate brand architecture model is key to establishing a recommended portfolio model for a long-term architecture solution.


After establishing the relative importance of company and product brands within the selected brand architecture model, we create the visual relationships that will help to communicate the breadth and scope of the company or product line.

Guidelines/Transition Planning

Codifying the brand architecture for future use and creating a strategy for how eliminated and modified brands will transition into the new model require careful planning and close coordination with clients.

We can support your business objectives with a clear brand architecture.

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We can support your business objectives with a clear brand architecture.

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