Helping Architects and Specifiers Choose the Right Building Wrap

Driving Demand by Helping Architects Choose the Right Building Wrap

Pioneering an Intent-Driven ABM Campaign for TYPAR

TYPAR, the maker of weather protection systems for the construction industry, wanted to raise awareness among buyer audiences and also generate bottom-of-funnel sales-qualified leads in key markets of the Midwest US. MBLM proposed and implemented a pilot program for a modern account-based marketing approach to accomplish TYPAR’s goals. Our program identified the full spectrum of potential buyers in TYPAR’s markets, leveraged intent data to precisely target buyers at key accounts with an omnichannel marketing sequence designed to inform and convert, and automated the marketing and lead funneling process for maximum efficiency.

Intent signals, Playbook Orchestration and Personas charts

Enterprise-scale ABM solutions are often cost-prohibitive and time-consuming to deploy and improve. MBLM worked with TYPAR to implement a lean digital-first solution that could be used as a proof of concept and scaled up over time as new metrics become available. We used intent data to identify 435 in-market accounts at key companies, matching specific firmographics for size, location, and number of employees. To tailor the messaging and creative for maximum efficacy, our team shaped four buyer personas matching the desired roles and seniority, and articulated their pain points and receptivity to our message.

Creating the concept image

We used an AI visualization platform to create compelling and unique campaign imagery. We trained the tool to refine images and details to match the campaign requirements. MBLM then crafted a distinct creative direction for a programmatic and social media ad campaign targeting nearly 2,000 contacts within these in-market accounts. We initiated a multi-channel campaign over a three-month period that combined persona-specific details with rounds of targeted communications and created valuable content destinations using our extensive knowledge of the construction industry to help drive conversion.

a building wrapped in wrapping paper with a large orange ribbon with the text: How to choose the right building envelope, wrong wrap

The software platform with which the campaign is deployed delivers warm leads to TYPAR’s sales team on a daily basis for further outreach. This ABM methodology moved beyond the broad targeting of inbound marketing with a precise approach that automates targeted outreach and lead warming, measures ongoing performance, and leverages continuous iterative refinement.

a tablet showing designs applications developed for Typar


  • Raised awareness for TYPAR by delivering 100,000+ impressions within the first month
  • Kept Berry Global top of mind for decision-makers using a customized playbook and audience-specific content that led 8% of in‑market accounts to visit the website within the first month
  • Accessed new markets by geotargeting the campaign to 22 key states and strategic metro regions
  • Generated bottom-of-the-funnel sales qualified leads by warming up 1,800+ potential leads from the contact list

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