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Everything you need to know related to Brand Intimacy

Brand Intimacy Annual Study

Explore a comprehensive range of materials to learn about ultimate brand relationships.


A new study leveraging artificial intelligence, big data, and sentiment tracking to rank over 600 of the world’s leading brands based on emotional connection.

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Explore the performance of intimate brands by using rankings that showcase key measures like archetypes, stages, and keywords along with the ability to view real-time and curated data.

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Read an extensive array of our insights and analyses on how brands are connecting with consumers today.

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Key resources


Learn about what Brand Intimacy is, how it works, what it’s based on, and why it matters.

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Model and Methodology

Explore details on how we conducted our research.

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Discover the definitions of keywords and concepts related to Brand Intimacy.



Find all the reference materials cited in our articles and reports here.


Brand Intimacy Book

Order our Amazon best seller for a comprehensive overview of Brand Intimacy and examples of the brands that use it best.

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Brand Intimacy: A New Paradigm in Marketing is available at all of your favorite booksellers.

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