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A new paradigm for the modern marketer

Why use yesterday’s thinking for today’s challenges? Brand Intimacy sets the new standard for marketing in the modern marketplace. Combining a revolutionary understanding of advertising, technology and the science of decision-making, the Brand Intimacy model provides the key to building a better brand through the cultivation of intimate, emotional connections between brand and consumer. From Amazon to Apple, Whole Foods to Harley Davidson, we all have strong connections to the brands we love.

Yet in recent years, approaches to branding have stagnated, relying on models, structures, and thinking from decades ago. In the fast-paced, constantly-changing world of the modern marketplace, the rule is adapt or perish—approaches to branding must evolve if they are to survive. Written by experienced marketers and backed by extensive research, Brand Intimacy rewrites the rule book on how to establish your brand, connect with your consumers and expand your market presence—all while increasing sales and consumer satisfaction. Welcome to the new world of Brand Intimacy.

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Section 1

See a summary of Context & Understanding, which explains today’s marketing landscape, prevailing practices and initial research insights.

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Section 2

Watch an overview of Model & Theory where the Brand Intimacy Model is explained and broken into its core components.

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Section 3

View a recap of Methods & Practice, which details the financial benefits and advantages of a strategy that uses Brand Intimacy.

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