Brand Intimacy:
Built for the modern marketer

A New Paradigm in Marketing

Why use yesterday’s thinking for today’s challenges? Brand Intimacy sets the new standard for marketing in the modern marketplace. Combining a revolutionary understanding of advertising, technology and the science of decision-making, the Brand Intimacy model provides the key to building a better brand through the cultivation of intimate, emotional connections between brand and consumer.


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Mario Natarelli and Rina Plapler authors of Brand Intimacy standing next to each other in an office.

Learn more about Mario Natarelli and Rina Plapler, partners at MBLM and authors of Brand Intimacy.

MARIO NATARELLI is the Managing Partner at MBLM in New York and an established marketing leader to executives and their companies. Over the past 20 years, Mario has helped companies of every size and type, working across the globe to transform, align and manage their brands to deliver growth and value. Prior to MBLM, Mario was the CEO of FutureBrand North America and Middle East and was the co-founder of HyperMedia. Mario is a graduate architect with a degree from the University of Toronto.

RINA PLAPLER is a Partner at MBLM and has built brands for over 20 years. She leads strategy at MBLM in New York and has held executive positions at FutureBrand and Gormley & Partners. Rina has worked with B2B, B2C and B2G companies and has extensive strategy experience across a variety of industries including financial services, tourism, healthcare, technology and telecommunications. She was the creator of FutureBrand’s Country Brand Index and MBLM’s Brand Intimacy Study. Rina has degrees from McGill and Harvard Universities.