Top Travel Rankings

Travel ranks last, 19th in our rankings, with new entry Korean Air taking the top spot along with Delta Airlines, and American Airlines coming in second and third, respectively.

Industry Performance

Travel has an average Brand Intimacy Quotient score of 23.4, which is below the cross-industry average of 36.8. However, the industry did improve its Quotient score performance since its appearance in our 2020 study.

Archetypes & Stages

Fulfillment is the dominant industry archetype and the industry ranks eighth overall for fulfillment, with Korean Air being the strongest brand for this archetype. Korean Air also ranks as the number one brand overall for fusing, the highest stage of Brand Intimacy.

Head to Head

In comparing Korean Air and Delta Airlines, we see Korean Air as the more intimate brand. It dominates Delta Airlines in the Brand Intimacy stages, with nearly five times the fusing score and four times the bonding score. The brands split with archetypes, with Delta higher in fulfillment, enhancement, and identity and Korean Air leading in ritual, nostalgia, and indulgence. Keywords for Korean Air link to being superior, and those for Delta Arlines link to comfort.