Top Automotive Rankings

Automotive ranks as the fourth most intimate industry in our rankings. This year five of the top 20 brands are in automotive: Tesla, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Jaguar, and Mazda. Notable is new entrant Tesla, which ranks second overall in our study.

Industry Performance

Automotive has an average Brand Intimacy Quotient score of 47.5, well above the cross-industry average of 36.8 . The category has declined slightly since our last study, when its average Brand Intimacy Quotient score was 48.4.

Archetypes & Stages

Fulfillment remains the dominant archetype this year, with Toyota the top brand for fulfillment. Several Brand Intimacy archetypes have improved, notably nostalgia and indulgence. Fusing, the highest level of Brand Intimacy, has also risen by 5 percent.

Head to Head

In comparing Tesla and Mercedes Benz, we see two closely matched brands. Tesla leads in fulfillment, identity and fusing. Mercedes-Benz is stronger in enhancement, ritual, indulgence, and the sharing stage. In terms of keywords, Tesla is linked to crypto and is seen as a rebel, while Mercedes is greatly desired and associated with its stadium.