Ecosystems: Body, Smartphone and Home

Intimacy and Brand Ecosystems

Three new perspectives on how we connect with the brands that surround us

The brands we use can be intuitively organized into groups, or Brand Ecosystems, based on their roles in our lives and where we interact with them. In this latest analysis, we look at how brands in three ecosystems connect with audiences, focusing on brands around the body, brands in our homes, and brands we interact with through our smartphones.


Body ecosystem


A focus on the brands on, and around, our bodies, including the products that we eat, wear, and apply to our skin and hair.

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Smartphone ecosystem


Insights into the brands that enable and enrich our phones, including device brands, apps, content, and access providers.

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Home ecosystem


A deeper look at the brands filling the rooms of our homes, from the garage to the kitchen, and from the bedroom to the bathroom.

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Watch our Brand Ecosystems video


Watch our Brand Ecosystems video exploring insights into how we connect with the brands that surround us.

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Brand Intimacy Dimensioned Across Three Ecosystems: Our Bodies, Our Smartphones, and Our Homes


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