Industry findings provide unique insights into the performance of brands within a specific category and overall category trends. Discover how each brand ranks, how competitors stack up, and what archetypes matter most.

Industry Rankings

Media & entertainment continues to be the most intimate industry, improving its Brand Intimacy Quotient score since our 2021 study. Notable new entrants, gaming, crypto, and sports leagues, all rank among the top 10 industries.

Industry Findings


Deeper Relationships

Brand performance has increased 19 percent since before the pandemic, highlighting that people are connecting with brands more deeply.


Rising Indulgence

The indulgence archetype, which centers on moments of gratification and pampering, has increased in strength by 12 percent since our 2021 study.



New entry crypto rises to the eighth position, outranking financial services as well as other leading industries like fast food, beverages, and apps & social platforms