How long does it take to set up?

Deployment of the platform with core applications can occur within five business days or less. Populating a comprehensive brand system of guidelines and assets would require an additional 5-7 business days.

When is the best time to consider our suite of software?

Consider the platform either when you are nearing the completion of a new/updated brand or rationalizing a portfolio of brands. Mergers and acquisitions are also key opportunities when guidelines and brand assets are typically affected.

Is there a demo?

Yes, contact us here or send us an email and we’ll arrange a live demo with you.

We already have some form of a site or tool for sharing assets and PDF guidelines.

We are confident that our comprehensive platform will enrich your brand management and sales teams and processes. This suite of tools is optimized to deliver a custom, high-quality solution for your brand challenges that asset management systems or static PDF guidelines cannot match.

How complicated is it to use or administer?

From a user’s perspective, the tool is intuitive and designed for easy and clear navigation. We have adopted learnings from 15-plus years of building brand management and sales presentation tools and current web best practices for effectively navigating assets, guidelines and other media types. Extensive on-screen help and tool tips aid first-time users. Administrators have access to simplified control screens that are as easy to manage as LinkedIn or Amazon profiles.

What are clients getting, exactly?

As with other cloud-based tools, clients of our platform are essentially licensing a tool that is populated with their assets and users. Typically, we require at least a 12-month commitment. Clients who choose not to renew their license subscription can retrieve and keep all their content.

Is the platform secure?

Our platform and managed servers use current best practices to protect against hacking and malware. The tool has been deployed for clients across industries and countries. The assets within the tool are regularly scanned for viruses. We find our clients typically have varying degrees of security needs and requirements, and we address those needs by customizing to your specific requirements.

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