A brand training adventure

  • Invented a completely new online learning experience modeled on summer camp
  • Designed and built the experience based on our proprietary BrandOS platform
  • Worked with education specialists and client team to craft engaging gamified content for users.

CommScope is a communications technology leader, creating the world’s most advanced wired and wireless networks with greater than $8 billion in annual sales. They wanted an online interactive educational tool for their 20,000 global employees. Camp CommScope was created to offer a new type of training, one with games, and 3-D active participation, moving beyond tried, traditional training methods.


Camp CommScope provides the creation of compelling, interactive, and engaging training lessons delivered on a smartphone. The initiative marries entertainment and education in a fresh way. Camp CommScope is immersive, modeled on recreating the fun, camaraderie, and adventurous nature of summer camp. It was developed during the pandemic for a largely remote workforce in which people needed a way to connect through shared experiences.

As it is intended to be used on a smartphone and accessible as a website, users can attend Camp in short visits, making use of moments when an employee has time to spare. Five bite-sized adventures immerse the user in a rich, three-dimensional world filled with enjoyable and informative details. Each adventure starts with a video and then presents games that enable campers to engage with the brand’s strategy, mission, and purpose in a playful way that is more memorable than traditional online learning platforms. As a camper completes each adventure, they gather badges and unlock prizes. This provides positive reinforcement and encourages self-determined progress along varying degrees of difficulty. Campers can customize their avatars to personalize their experience, send postcards to fellow campers, and record videos. Help is available via a camp counselor in the cabin at any time.

In addition to the experience, MBLM devised the organizational rollout plan CommScope uses to activate Camp across 20,000 employees. MBLM equipped managers with support materials and talking points to fold the experience into their team-building activities with reports. MBLM designed campaign materials that CommScope deployed to internal social and collaboration channels.

Camp CommScope was met with great enthusiasm. Former Vice President of Corporate Communications Danah Ditzig notes, “Our digital camp has a cool visual aesthetic, uses gamification of training content, makes for a great employee experience, and better equips our people as brand ambassadors. We are very happy with the outcome.” It was also critically acclaimed, winning the B2B Marketing Elevation Award in 2021.

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