stacks of information on content audits and inventories

Content Audits and Inventories

Our team reviews a brand’s current state of content procurement, creation and usage as well as key competitors and related diagnostics to effectively recommend a content plan and strategy.

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Content Calendar/Matrix

Planning the rollout and mix of content typologies is important in showcasing the full expression of a brand in the right amounts and on the right occasions. A detailed inventory of content activities is documented and scheduled, which can be used as a tool for planning, trafficking, budgeting and measuring editorial flow.

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Content Planning

The cornerstone of any content work is the strategy, which provides recommendations to realize a new content offering, including objectives, types of content, channel mix, requirements, content life cycles and migration plans.

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Content Style and Editorial Guidelines

Our content and messaging teams work to extend the brand voice and document editorial conventions and guides for key content modules. When internal client teams and businesses are responsible for creating content, this can be a valuable tool to ensure one voice and consistent style among multiple authors and editors.

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Content Taxonomy

MBLM’s content and digital teams work closely together to create a technical plan for supporting content objectives with metadata and consistent taxonomies, enhancing search results.

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MBLM provides a wide range of copywriting services from succinct taglines and headlines to long form copy that is used in brochures, articles, white papers, blog posts and social media. We can edit and enhance existing material or create new copy from the ground up.